Wearable Flowers Class with Tobey Nelson

Wearable Flowers Workshop

April 30, 2019

Brush up your personal wearable flowers skills before the crush of wedding season comes. Learn my secrets for processing and delivery that will change your floral work life forever. Get mechanics tricks for making beautiful personals quickly and inexpensively. We will work with fresh and dried flowers. Come for business, or come for fun!

Floral Couture wearable headpieces class with Tobey Nelson

Wild and Wonderful Floral Headpieces

April 29, 2019

Join me in a very special small group to learn the mechanics needed to create a variety of (foam-free) floral headpieces - and then explore those mechanics to create your very own headpiece. While this class is lightly intended for floral professionals, those with crafty skills and a love of flowers are welcome to join.

Art of the Table Botanical Runners Flower Workshop taught by Tobey Nelson

Art of the Table: Botanical Runners

March 7, 2019

Come to this botanical runner workshop in Langley and learn how to make a different kind of centerpiece. Botanical runners can be made any time of year, with clippings from your yard! In this class we'll learn how to make them using sustainable floristry techniques - foam-free, and with locally grown elements!

Tobey Nelson teaches a tablescaping workshop Langley

The Art of the Table: Tablescaping

February 2, 2019

This tablescaping class in Langley will teach you how to transform your table setting to create an especially engaging experience, even with things you have laying around the house.

Sustainable floristry centerpiece workshop by Tobey Nelson

The Art of the Table: Centerpieces

January 10, 2019

Come to a centerpiece workshop at the Learning Lab of the Living Design Foundation in Langley! Tobey Nelson will teach you how to create a beautiful flower arrangement using sustainable floristry practices with no floral foam and using American Grown flowers.