Wedding of Antique Roses

bride and groom image by daniel sheehanThis wedding was one of my most favorite of the summer!  Not just because it was at Fireseed Catering on Whidbey Island – where the owners are easygoing, the scenery is fab, and the food is always delicious, and not just because the photographer was the talented and respected Daniel Sheehan – I dare you to not “ooh” over these beautiful images, but because of the bride!  Ellie was great to work with – easygoing but precise about what she wanted, and she wanted ROSES!!  mostly Roses!  old fashioned and fragrant – my favorites!  Plus, her colors were peach and delicate pink, and I must confess a very soft spot in my heart for peachy Roses.

image of garden rose bouquet by vases wild image by daniel sheehanWhat a beautiful lace gown!image of bridesmaids in peach pink dresses with bridal bouquets

I am grateful for Peterkort Roses and the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market – the selection of sustainably grown, local, REAL flowers is awesome and makes having a “green” wedding a lovely possibility!  And thanks to Ellie, I got to go ordering crazy!

image of bridal party bouquets

The Roses include ‘Peach Avalanche’, ‘Maria Therese’, ‘Caramel Antique’ just to name a few.  I threw in a little scented Geranium and some PeeGee Hydrangea for good measure.

caramel antike, peach avalanche, and maria therese rose

She and Brian put so much effort into making their event really special; it was a beautiful night.

wedding centerpiece by vases wild image by daniel sheehanwedding centerpiece with candles image by daniel sheehan

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  1. Thank you for making our wedding SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL. You worked so hard and the flowers were gorgeous. All the ladies who’ve thrown weddings themselves remarked about them. We can’t thank you enough, Tobey! You have the touch.

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