4 thoughts on “The Problems with Floral Foam

    1. Thanks, Susan! I’m so glad you found this info helpful! Chemicals and garbage – We can all work together to have just a bit less of them on the planet!

  1. Loved this !! But how do you do large structures with out ? Other pieces I can definitely make the change but why about those pieces where you need “something in the corner “ ?
    Thank you !!

    1. Thanks Tina! It is so great to know there is someone out there reading this! There are many options for large structures – and that is the main thing I teach at my annual Whidbey Flower Workshop. I either tube the flowers, bunch them in Eco-Fresh Wraps, tuck a hidden vase/bucket in, or use flowers that are proven to last out of water – for a list of those, search for the Passionflower Sue list of Reliables. Perhaps you will want to join us on Whidbey to learn all the tricks – we cover loads of techniques! April 26 – 28, 2020 – you can sign up for my mailing list to be in the loop on the details. Thanks for reading and keep up the foam-free work – the earth thanks you for one less plastic brick!

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