4 thoughts on “The Problems with Floral Foam

  1. I’ve always been wary of foam but haven’t really known the details about it. Thank you for posting this and the MSDS sheet!

    1. Thanks, Susan! I’m so glad you found this info helpful! Chemicals and garbage – We can all work together to have just a bit less of them on the planet!

  2. Loved this !! But how do you do large structures with out ? Other pieces I can definitely make the change but why about those pieces where you need “something in the corner “ ?
    Thank you !!

    1. Thanks Tina! It is so great to know there is someone out there reading this! There are many options for large structures – and that is the main thing I teach at my annual Whidbey Flower Workshop. I either tube the flowers, bunch them in Eco-Fresh Wraps, tuck a hidden vase/bucket in, or use flowers that are proven to last out of water – for a list of those, search for the Passionflower Sue list of Reliables. Perhaps you will want to join us on Whidbey to learn all the tricks – we cover loads of techniques! April 26 – 28, 2020 – you can sign up for my mailing list to be in the loop on the details. Thanks for reading and keep up the foam-free work – the earth thanks you for one less plastic brick!

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