Thank you, Photographers!

Whidbey Island Bride with Peony and Rose flower bouquet by Vases Wild image by Stadler Studio
photo by Stadler Studio

Where would we florists be without a good photographer? One thing 2013 taught me is just how important a good picture is. I can pore over the perfect placement of a bloom in a centerpiece or bridal bouquet, and I know that my clients appreciate it. But it is a comfort to know that all that work will live on in the wedding photos.  It is especially rewarding when I know the photographer is one who will take the time to really see, and to honor, the love and attention that goes into crafting a flower arrangement or bridal bouquet.

Seattle wedding at The Edgewater ceremony flowers in purple and orange with Roses and Lilies
image by Linda Kahle

This post is a big “THANKS!” to all those photographers I worked with this year. I appreciate your time in both composing as well as editing and sending your beautiful images. Our work flatters each other’s talents!

black and cream spring wedding flower bridal bouquet for seattle wedding by whidbey island florist Vases Wild image by Laura Marchbanks
image by Laura Marchbanks Photography
wedding arbor decoration and bridal bouquet by Vases Wild
image by Amy Dawson
whidbey island wedding at Jenne farm bridal bouquet with dahlia, rose, fern image by Tonic Studio
image by Tonic Studio

If you are a couple looking for a wedding photographer, I would recommend any of these folks in a heartbeat. You can see their beautiful work for yourself right here, and links are provided to help you find them if what you see makes you want to know more!

image by James Moes
peacock theme bridal bouquet in blue, purple and green
image by Fragile Works

Michael Stadler, Stadler Studio Photography
Linda Kahle
Laura Marchbanks Photography
Amy Dawson
Tonic Studio
James Moes Photography
Fragile Works Gallery – even though he is in TX he will come to the PNW!

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  1. Thank you Tobey !!! It was an honor to photograph your true beauty of floral arraignments … You rocked my senses and I can’t wait to work with you again in the future …

    Hugs !!

    Amy Dawson Photography

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