Succulent Jewelry

Living jewelry flower necklace with Succulents by Tobey Nelson

Succulent jewelry is a fun way to make a statement at your next special event. Each piece is unique, and made to order.

I love nature.  I enjoy taking the time to look very closely at the form, structure, architecture and color of plants and things in the natural world.  Sedums and succulents are so fascinating to me – the amazing range of colors and shapes are so beautiful.  Making floral and succulent jewelry gives me an opportunity to slow way down and really observe the tiny, beautiful details present in leaves and flowers.  I call them “neck gardens” and “wrist gardens”.  And wearing the beauty of nature makes me feel pretty!

Floral and Succulent Jewelry is a Great Corsage Alternative

Jewelry like this, made from plants and fresh flowers, really makes a statement.  It is fun to wear for special occasions.  For proms or weddings, bracelets like these are a great alternative to a corsage.  They make a nice gift for your bridesmaids – or for anyone!


Living jewelry flower bracelet with Succulents by Tobey Nelson

Living jewelry flower bracelet with Succulents by Tobey Nelson

Here’s a peek at the same wrist garden from two different angles.  I make them interesting & pretty from every side!

Living succulent Jewelry bracelets

Cuff bracelet succulent jewelry corsage alternative by Tobey Nelson

Care and feeding of your living jewelry

Succulent jewelry lasts for about 4 weeks.  Store on a cool, bright windowsill when you aren’t wearing it.

When the plants begin to stretch and grow off the piece (you might even see roots emerge!), you can pluck them off and scatter the leaflets on moistened soil in a pot with cactus mix and good drainage.  Place the pot on a sunny windowsill (see photo below) and soon you’ll have a little jewelbox garden keepsake!

Get another at a discount!

After your wrist garden moves on to a pot, you are welcome to return the cuff to me for a “refill” at a discount!  Or you can pick off the glue residue and the brass cuff can be worn alone  Or you can visit your local craft store and buy some charms, stones, etc. and make your own new creation.

This is my window garden "nursery". It includes leaflets from old jewelry that are resprouting, as well as the plants that I cut up to make the jewelry. As new plants form, I harvest them for the next piece of jewelry. But you can let yours grow and become pretty!

During the month of April, Museo Gallery in Langley is carrying some of my succulent jewelry and dried flower necklaces as a part of their garden art show.   You can visit them in person, and pick up your own bracelet or necklace there.  Or contact me  to order a piece of flower jewelry for your next special event.