Best Spring Wedding Flowers

If you are getting married in the spring, you may be wondering what the best choices for spring wedding flowers are.  Here are my favorites, especially if you are looking to source seasonal, locally-grown blooms.

Anemone are a great spring wedding flowers


This beauty is one of my staple flowers for spring weddings.  I love their cheerful faces.  They come in a range of colors including white, blush, hot pink, deep plum, blue, and violet.  They can have either a dark eye like these, or a green center.  They are grown in greenhouses in Washington, Oregon and California to ensure availability for early spring events.

Bleeding heart is a beautiful accent in a spring wedding bouquet

Bleeding Heart

I love to include this Victorian favorite in my spring wedding bouquets.  I love the way the delicate little hearts dangle and trail.  Available in shades of pink and also in all-white.  The Latin name of this blooms is Dicentra.

Columbines add sparkle to a spring wedding centerpiece


These starry jewels bring some sparkle to your bouquets.  I love the deep color of this one, ‘Black Barlow’.

Narcissus is sweet in spring wedding bouquets


I love to tuck a few sweetly-scented blooms of Daffodil or Narcissus into a bouquet if the season allows.  This is a great choice for an early spring wedding.  Available in color combinations including whites, creams, yellows and orange.

Cherry branches are great for large spring wedding flower arrangements

Flowering Branches

Crabapple, Cherry, Quince, Plum, Forsythia, Dogwood, Spirea – there are so many great flowering shrubs and trees at this time of year.  These are great to incorporate into statement centerpieces, arbors and hanging installations.  This is Cherry blossom.

Checkered Lily is a coveted spring wedding flowers


This choice bloom adds a little gourmet touch of wild.  These flowers are grown from bulbs.  There are several worth coveting; this is F. meleagris.

Hellebore is a great spring wedding flowers


As the gardenesque bouquet gains popularity, this graceful garden flower finds itself in the spotlight.  The range of moody pink tones are appealing to many brides, and the white flowering types offer a fresh new option for updating a classic style.

Earl Grey Larkspur is a boutique spring flower


I love this delicate line flower when I need some height in a spring bouquet.  Choose from white, pink, purple, or the newly popular ‘Earl Grey’ lavender as shown.

Lilac is a fragrant choice for spring wedding flowers
Flowers Nature Beautiful Lilac Bloom Bush Branch

An old fashioned favorite for fragrance, this romantic bloom is as at home in a farm-chic wedding as it is in a ballroom affair, or anything in between.  There’s more than just the classic lavender and purple available, too – there are white, pink, and buttery yellow forms in cultivation as well.

Peony is the queen of the spring wedding flowers


There’s almost no more beautiful bloom than the voluptuous Peony.  Available in a range of white, pinks pale to hot, reds, corals and yellow they fit many color schemes.  Their popularity has caused them to rise to the category of a “premium” bloom, even when they are in season, but they are so worth it!  Some varieties are even fragrant.  This is the prized ‘Coral Charm’.

Ranunculus is a must have spring wedding flowers


This fluffy friend is such a popular choice for a spring wedding.  There are so many colors available it is easier to say that they don’t come in blue!  For the earliest spring weddings, these will come from greenhouses in California and Oregon, and then as the season warms up they will be found growing in flower fields across the west coast.

Thanks to Floret Flowers for the image!

Greenhouse Roses can be great spring wedding flowers


Grown in greenhouses in Oregon and California, there are always Roses in bloom for your wedding.  Choose from the fluffy & ruffley Garden Roses (as pictured), the more classic Tea Rose types, or Spray or Sweethearts.  There’s no other flower as classic!

Sweet Pea provides fragrance in spring wedding flowers

Sweet Peas

I think every spring bride should carry some sweet peas – is there any better bloom for scent and nostalgia?  Though they can be a touch short-lived, that fragrance is worth it!

tulip is a classic spring flower for weddings


This familiar flower is a classic for the garden and is also great for cutting.  There are loads of colors and forms.  Sometimes for wedding work I like to include the fancy types like the Peony-flowered Tulip featured here, but the standard types are beautiful as well.

I hope this post has given you inspiration for what flowers you might want to include in your spring wedding.  I’d love to hear what you are thinking about!  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about wedding flowers.  Leave a comment, or drop me a line!

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