New Roses for my cutting garden

I got an exciting package in the mail yesterday!  A new batch of Roses for my cutting garden from Heirloom Roses in Oregon.  If you don’t know of this company, you should.  They grow all their Roses on their own roots, so you don’t get any reversions, and they are very careful to keep their propagation block virus free so their plants are clean and healthy.  Though the plants are small now, I’ve experienced that their plants, much more than others I’ve purchased, grow very vigorously.  I think they are well worth the money!  If you are in the market for a Rose for your garden, do check out their offerings.

locally grown Whidbey Island Roses by Florist Vases Wild

I’m so excited to add these to my picking patch, and to watch them grow into beautiful bushes that will provide many a locally-grown Rose for my brides and summer flower arrangements.  I always choose my Roses for great or exceptional disease resistance ratings combined with fragrance.  Isn’t scent what a Rose is all about??  This is what we have to look forward to:

Folksinger – a modern hybrid, repeat blooming shrub style Rose

Folksinger Rose

Gruss An Aanchen – a very old Floribunda

Gruss_an_Aachen Rose

Joan Fontaine – another modern English-style Rose

Joan Fontaine Rose

Mary Rose – a David Austin Hybrid

Mary Rose

Eglantyne – another David Austin Hybrid.  Though it only blooms once, the perfection of the bloom is worth the space!

Eglantyne Rose

Since they will be sort of small in the first year, I think I will sow some Nigella (Love in a Mist) around them.  I like to layer my crops when it is practical.  Better that I grow something in the blank area around a shrub, instead of letting Mother Natures sow what she will – she prefers to sow weeds!