My Favorite Wedding Pros: Serendipity Catering

Serendipity Catering – an excellent choice for a Whidbey Island caterer

Food is such an important part of a wedding or special event.  Great service is important to make your guests feel comfortable and your event run smoothly.  Serendipity is always top on my list of recommended caterers because they never fail to provide delicious food and excellent, warm service.

Serendipity Catering is run by the Tassoff Family.  Founding Mom Deb is now largely behind the scenes, doing most of the cooking.  Daughter Natalie has emerged from the kitchen and is now the front woman, communicating and meeting with clients, writing the proposals, leading the team on site.  Connor (brother) and Dad also lend a hand when needed.

The Tassoff Family runs Serendipity Catering on Whidbey Island

The Tasoff Family - the wonderful humans behind this high-quality catering business.

Recently I had a virtual sit-down with Natalie.  I wanted my clients to get to know her.  Enjoy this fun little interview.
How did you get started?
1. My mom started Serendipity Catering when I was elementary school, so I quite literally “grew up” in the catering and event business— it’s like second nature to me! After graduating from UW in 2015, I came back to Whidbey to work full-time for the family business. I’ve always loved food and entertaining, so catering is a natural fit for me.
What are you known for among your friends?
2. Among my friends, I’m known as the “restaurant recommendation” girl. Everyone always comes to me for advice on the best places to eat and drink and what to order. A perk of my job is always having an excuse to check out the best new spots! I’ve also amassed a good collection of stories from 10+ years in the wedding industry.
What do you like to do?
3. My favorite way to spend time is traveling. Being out of state is the only way I can get myself to stop working! I’m lucky to have amassed friends and family throughout the US, so take just about any excuse I can get to hop on a plane. Some of my favorite spots include Hawaii, New Orleans and California wine country. Some of my favorite Whidbey activities include hiking, visiting our local wineries, and paddle boarding in the summer.
What advice do you have for your clients?
4. My big piece of advice to all my wedding clients is to spend money on quality vendors. You will never regret spending a little extra money on someone who’s going to make your life 10 times easier, versus someone who you have to micromanage through the whole process. Good vendors will always charge more for their work because they know their value. Also— relax and enjoy the day! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes the “mishaps” end up becoming some of your favorite memories.
What else should we know?
5. I am most proud of the fact that we have been in business for over 15 years and have never once paid for marketing or an advertisement. All of our business is word of mouth, and we’re so lucky to have so many awesome repeat clients and fellow vendors who recommend us to their family, friends and clients. I think this is the biggest testament to the quality of our work. I love when we have new clients who have memories of a Serendipity event they’ve been to and loved!

If you are in the market for a caterer for your Whidbey Island wedding, be sure to get in touch with Natalie at Serendipity Catering.  You won’t be disappointed!

Find them at their website, instagram or on facebook.

Serendipity Catering is a favorite Whidbey Island Caterer

Connor, Natalie and Me at the 2017 Whidbey Flower Workshop