My Favorite Wedding Pros: Anne Timss MakeUp & Hair

Enhance your natural beauty with Anne Timss

Make up can be a tricky business.  It is really intimate!  A make up job can make a girl feel like a million bucks, or bring her to tears because she doesn’t feel like herself.  Over the years I’ve had many brides in common with Anne Timss of Anne Timss MakeUp & Hair.  And I’ll tell you – not only did these girls look great when Anne was done with them, but they positively glowed.  Anne has a talent for enhancing the most lovely things about a woman’s face.  I’ve seen many brides experience this, and have seen it shining in their faces.  Never an unhappy customer!

Intuitively, we would all figure a little extra makeup on your wedding day is probably a good idea.  Get the waterproof mascara going, probably some lip gloss…  Do you know how different professional makeup is, and one of the most important reasons to wear it on your wedding day?  Pro makeup prevents you from being shiny in your photos!  A good makeup artist knows how to pop your best features and make you look “right” in pictures.  For that reason, it is a good idea for anyone who will be in pics with the bride to get a little makeup done so that everyone photographs equally well.  I learned that from Anne years ago!

Recently, I connected with Anne for a little virtual sit-down to learn a little bit more about Anne and her business.  Here is what she shared:

1.       How did you come to being in your business/industry?

My grandmother was a glamorous woman and I grew up fascinated with makeup and beauty but never thought about making a career of it. When I was at the UW majoring in Political Science, I worked for Nordstrom and made my way to the Lancome counter… by the time I graduated my dreams of law school had washed away with my love for being a makeup artist.

2.      Among your friends, what are you known for?  Not necessarily a business thing – how about few personal bits?

I am the “social engineer” amongst my friends, I am the one who finds the fun things to do and gathers everyone together.

3.      What is your favorite way to spend time?

I really love what I do, so my first answer is work! hence, I am a workaholic but I do have the best job. When I am not working, I love a good comfy day at home more than anything.

4.      What is a piece of advice that you would share with your clients relevant to your trade?

Wear blush! Women joke with me all the time about taking years off of them with makeup, blush will do it!

5.      What aspect of your business are you most proud of? .

That I was able to work hard and create a business that I could hire my friends, literally rescuing some from their miserable jobs ha!

Check out Anne’s work below, and on Instagram!

Some of my and Anne's beautiful brides