Fun at Petals & Pours Flower Workshops

In June, we held two flower workshops at Comforts of Whidbey Winery.  We called them Petals & Pours workshops since we would be playing with locally grown petals while sipping a glass of estate-crafted wine.  Enjoy the creations made by the talented attendees, and mark your calendar for the next session!

Students of Petals and Pours Whidbey Island Flower workshop

Proud graduates of the Petals & Pours workshop.

Flower Workshops – fun for everyone!

I enjoy designing with flowers so much.  I love sharing that joy!  The goal of the Petals & Pours flower workshops is to create a time and space for people to relax and get creative and enjoy a connection with nature.  Some people are nervous to attend because they think they might do it wrong, or they worry they don’t have enough or any experience with flowers.  I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore there is no “right” or “wrong”.  If you like it, then you did it right!  And just about everyone has some experience with flowers – remember when you were a kid and picked some Dandelions for your mom?!

We do talk about various design concepts and methods, but really we just have fun and enjoy the process.   We stop and smell the Roses, and soak up the colors and shapes of the flowers!

It is fun to attend with a friend!


friends at flower workshops

Flower workshops buddies

Celebrate the season with locally grown blooms

In each workshop, we will work “Slow Flowers” – the blooms that are headlining at the local farms that week.  In the first workshop, it was Clematis and Peony.  In the second, it was Ranunculus and Poppy.  We always source primarily & heavily from Whidbey Island Flower Farms.

Sustainable floral design

In these workshops, we learn ways to design without using floral foam.  That green brick is made from toxic formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals.  Plus, it’s not biodegradable.  Yuck!  None of that here.  Instead, we cover more sustainable mechanics that allow the designer to create a romantic, free-flowing gardenesque look (or whatever look they are going for!).

Can you believe how lovely these creations are?  I’m so proud of my students!

I think these girls are grinning because of the gorgeous Peonies & Clematis they got to play with!

Join us for a flower workshop!

The next Petals & Pours workshops are tenatively scheduled for July 25 and August 15.  Mother Nature has the final word on what we’ll work with, of course, but the hope is that we will celebrating Dahlias as well as fruits and fruiting branches.  Whatever the focus flower ends up being, the creations will be lovely and the wine will be tasty!  Sign up for my mailing list to make sure you stay in the loop and don’t miss out on the fun!