Flower wearables workshop, in which I gush about my crush

Flower Wearables Workshop

I got my floral socks knocked off at the flower wearables workshop at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market!

Have you heard about a flower crush?  You know, there’s this amazing florist and you can’t get over how unique and gorgeous their work is, to the point that you are overwhelmed with admiration and you practically worship them…  Can you dig?  Well, I’ve got one.  I’ve spent hours (probably an understatement) ooh-ing and aah-ing over her work.

image by Amanda Dumouchelle

If you’ve met me or looked at my portfolio, you’ve probably noticed that I am interested in floral jewelry and floral wearables.  Though there are a few people totally rocking this kind of floristry, the queen of it all in my very biased eyes is Susan Mcleary from Passionflower.  OMG.  Her work is unbelievable.  This flower hat with globe thistle and grass is how I first noticed her.

Last week I experienced a life highlight.  I got to spend *two days* alongside Susan (eeee!!!!) taking a workshop put on by the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.  I am still high from it.  We learned her process for creating bracelets & necklaces.  Some people also made a hairpiece.  It was great to be with her in such a small group of wonderful people, sharing creative energy and space.   Even though the class was just an afternoon, it was magic.  I am thankful that Cozbi Jean Photography was there to take these lovely photos.

flower wearables workshop

Selecting materials at the flower wearables workshop

flower bracelets by Susan Mcleary

making a necklace at a flower wearables workshop

The following day Susan gave a presentation for members of the market.  This blew my mind.  She showed us her approach to making her signature floral hats.  One thing I love about art is how it requires problem solving, and I love talking with artists about their processes – how they approach the particular challenges presented by pushing the edges of whatever their creative medium is (and this is why I think it is so important to fund arts in the schools, but I digress…).  So to watch Susan create one of her pieces, the likes of which I have spent hours studying – well, it was a long-awaited career highlight for me!  Incredible to see inside such an innovative, clever and creative mind.

floral wearables at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

But the best part is knowing that in April, I get to do it again and MORE!!!  I figure that if this knocked my socks off and it was just an afternoon class followed by a two-hour presentation, spending TWO ENTIRE DAYS with her at my Whidbey Flower Workshop is going to rock my world right off its flowery axis.  I can hardly wait!  If any of this seems exciting to you, then join us!  Click the link above to learn more.  We’ll dive much deeper into making wearables, bridal bouquets (using modern, updated techniques) and we’ll do a large, foam-free installation.  It’s gonna be a blast!