Floral Necklaces

There’s a hot new trend emerging:  Floral Necklaces!  Why ask your bridesmaids to carry bouquets when they can wear a supercool custom flower necklace?  And what a great substitute for the old-school corsage!  Imagine the possibilities…  Here’s a few I made.

Flower necklace

For the necklace above I used blush Hellebore with Hydrangea, Snowberries, and Dusty Miller.

floral necklace with cobra lily

This floral pendant features Cobra Lily, Hydrangea, native mosses and misc garden foliages.

floral necklace

This necklace is more textural, with a Sempervivum/Hens and Chick, Oak foliage, and Beautyberries.


The last two images are compliments of Stadler Studio in Langley, Washington.