Floral Jewelry

I’m in love with floral jewelry.  For a wedding, a piece of floral jewelry is a great alternative to a corsage or a bridesmaid bouquet.  Think about it:  corsages get crushed, but a floral cuff or necklace would not, and once the bridesmaid is done with her bouquet she doesn’t want to carry it around – but she could wear a piece of floral jewelry all night long!  You could also sport a floral necklace or a botanical cuff to any special event or on any day you feel like it – it doesn’t have to be a wedding!  Consider how very special you would feel wearing a fresh flower necklace like this one:

Floral necklace in tones of blush features Snowberry, Strawflower, berries and foliage

Some people like a set, so you could always get earrings and a ring to match.  Or just wear them separately like this lovely lady does:

Fresh flower jewelry, floral earrings, floral ring, botanical jewelry

Here’s another shot of the earring.  I think this would be so neat for any occasion!


Fresh flower earring made with Gomphrena, Dusty Miller, Snowberry, Hydrangea

This set of botanical jewelry features Gomphrena, Strawflower, Hydrangea, Snowberry, Blackberry, Kale (you can eat and wear your greens!), and other locally-grown and foraged treasures from Whidbey Island.  All of the images are by Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography.

Here’s another style of botanical necklace.  This one features three areas of focus rather than one, and is a little more delicate.

Botanical necklace with blush Hellebore, Bleeding Heart and fern.

This one is made with blush and cerise Hellebore, Bleeding Heart and Fern.  This lovely image is by Kim Nowell Photography.

If you are interested in ordering a piece of fresh floral jewelry for any occasion, contact me at vaseswild@gmail.com.