Why should you support the locally grown flowers movement? Watch the film!

A short film about why you should buy locally grown flowers

The Association of  Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) has made a lovely short film about the locally grown flowers movement.  It is absolutely worth 15 minutes of your time.  Give it watch!  And then go out and buy some locally grown flowers – or grow your own!  Or maybe even better – do both, and combine them into a beautiful living sculpture to feed your soul!

From the film:

“When we buy flowers from local growers, we support our community’s economy, provide employment, promote rural livelihood, preserve green spaces.  But there’s even more that we can do: encourage others to seek out the shops, stores, and markets that sell local flowers and support the growing movement to label them.  Local flowers are truly fresh… produced in seasonal variety… they encourage biodiversity, healthy soil, and water conservation.  And then there are the intangible qualities of local flowers…  they just make us feel better…

Local Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing Movement