The 9 Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

What are the best Valentine’s Day flowers?

Shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers should be fun.  We know that when you send someone flowers, you want them those flowers to make a statement, to be unique and beautiful and fresh.  We believe that the best Valentine’s Day flowers are ones that are grown in American soil, since this supports our domestic economy, preserves local farms, and has a lower carbon footprint than importing blooms than from South America.  When flowers don’t have to travel so far, they are fresher!  And they are often different than the super standard blooms you find on any grocery store rack.  Not sure what that is?

Locally grown and seasonally special:  our top choices of the best Valentine’s Day flowers.

one of the best Valentine's Day flowers is Anemone


Anemone comes in white, blue, red, pink, and shades in between.  It may have a black/blue center or a green center.  This black and white one is called Panda Anemone.  Classy, cheerful, friendly and long-lasting.


one of the best Valentine's Day flowers is Hyacinth


Hyacinth is a great choice for adding scent to a bouquet.  They come in white, pinks, blues, purples, and pale yellow.

one of the best Valentine's Day flowers is Icelandic Poppy

Iceland Poppy

Iceland Poppy, or Icelandic Poppy, is another favorite of mine.   There’s no cheerier face for a spring bouquet!  They come in white, peach, pale and strong yellow, coral, orange, and red-orange.  Sending Iceland Poppy in a bouquet is kinda like sending a giggle.

use Protea in a modern Valentine's Day flower arrangement

Protea can be fun in a more contemporary Valentine Day arrangement.  It is bold and long lasting.  It has velvety bits that beg to be touched.  This statement flower can be fun for the guys.

one of the best Valentine's Day flowers is Ranunculus

Everyone loves Ranunculus!  These fluffy friends add character and elegance.  They are available in just about any shade of white, yellow, orange, red, pink, coral, burgundy.  No blues or violets.  Some have wacky green centers.

Valentine's Day Rose

For a softer, more luxurious & romantic twist on the classic Valentine Rose, try a garden Rose instead.  These voluptuous beauties are often fragrant, and come in about every color but blue.

fragrant stock adds scent to Valentine's Day flowers

Fragrant Stock is a favorite of mine for adding fragrance and a sweet romantic feeling.  It is also my husband’s favorite flower scent, if that tells you ladies anything…

tulips are a classic spring Valentine's Day flower

The Tulip – practically the mascot of spring!  So many colors and shapes available, from these classic French Tulips, to parrots and peony-shapes – there’s something for everyone.

one of the best flowers for Valentine's Day is Viburnum

I love green Viburnum.  This classic garden bloom is a great locally grown alternative to Hydrangea, which are almost always from South America at this time of year.  So Nantucket, so French…