How to make a botanical chair

Hello! My name is Tobey, and I am a plant-a-holic!  I am also a garden &  floral design coach, designer, and educator.  My passion is helping people connect with the beauty of the natural world, with the goal of sharing the most sustainable & eco-friendly ways to garden & work with flowers.

I have been a professional horticulturist since I graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Landscape Horticulture in 1993.  From there, my journey has included time as a private estate gardener and in residential garden maintenance, wedding & event florist, garden designer & nursery buyer.  I’ve worked for some incredibly talented garden designers and have studied with some of the best floral designers in the world.  I love learning, and I love plant & flower people!

I also have a deep love of this fragile earth and her inhabitants.  I want to help protect our ecosystem, and believe that we can heal our ecosystem with the gardening choices we make.  This can include planting natives, gardening for pollinators, choosing drought-tolerant plants, building healthy soils, contouring our land to capture run off, and so much more.  It can mean growing your own cutting flowers or buying from local farmers, and designing without floral foam.

If you would like to learn more about what horticulture for a healthy planet means, please get in touch!

Big Huge Thanks to WhidbeyTV (a division of Whidbey Telecom) for including me in their Artistic Expressions series.  Watch and learn more about my business and flower philosophy:

Whidbey Island Florist Tobey Nelson was featured on Whidbey TV Artistic Energy Series


Gratitude to the talented team at Fusionspark Media for this beautiful piece!