5 Ways to Wear Fresh Flowers for Your Wedding

Be daring – wear fresh flowers for your wedding day!  The great part about a fresh floral accessory this is that it can be worn several different ways.  You can adapt the piece to your look throughout the course of your event.  Perhaps it starts as a floral belt for the wedding ceremony, and then transitions to a necklace for dinner and then to a hairpiece for your dance party?  When you wear a floral statement like this, you might not even need a bridal bouquet!  Read through to the end to see the best way to wear fresh flowers!

Bride with a floral belt

Many wedding dresses are enhanced by a floral belt.  This is a unique and eye-catching accessory – much more outstanding  than the same jeweled belt that everyone can buy.

Woman wearing a fresh flower necklace

Wear a fresh flower necklace for your cocktail hour!

Transition to a flower crown for your wedding dinner.  This will make a great look for the toasts!

Bride wearing a white and pink flower crown

Finally, add drama for your dance party!  Wear it as a floral shoulder piece for a super sexy vibe!

Woman with floral shoulder piece


pig with a flower crown

In all seriousness, I totally think you should wear fresh flowers for your wedding (and I sell them and ship them across the USA via my Etsy store).  I had a lot of fun making this  multi-purpose floral accessory.  But the most fun came the day after the “serious” shoot, when we found our model Lucy.  Lucy is a pot-bellied pig who lives near the beach on Whidbey Island.  For a few sticks of string cheese, she was willing to pose for us.  I think the pink and white flower crown looks positively dazzling with the pink patch on her snout, don’t you?!